Creating content that addresses your client’s needs.

When small businesses or niche websites start paying attention to their customers and visitors online, they will discover a whole world full of unfulfilled needs and expectations.

Hi, my name is Zoran, and I’ve created this site to help you and your brand, build and manage relationships with your online audience!

To begin with, let’s define the word audience, which is understood to encompass a mass of people witnessing a public display. This is the way we would have described your audience 20-30 years ago. Today, however, the word audience can mean a lot of different things, especially in an online environment.

With the possibility of two-way communication with your visitors, you can directly engage with existing and potential customers. This enables a relationship to exist between a business and an individual. The business, in reality, is a group of people operating together to fulfill a need or ease some specific pain for their clients. As a group, you can engage directly with the clients and build a meaningful relationship with them.

Regardless of whether you are a bakery, factory, massage parlor, worldwide organization or a restaurant, you need to be available for your clients online. They have grown to expect this, and will usually not give you the light of day unless your online reputation is sufficient enough to build trust and comfort with them.

An online study made by Moz, carefully explains that 67% of customers online are influenced by online reviews. Depending on the industry that you are in, you need to be looking at the relevant sources of information that are providing your customers with “peer” data. This is data that is legitimately provided by other users of your product or services, and it is your responsibility to track and manage your reputation to know what people are talking about your company.

Negative comments, opinions, and remarks will quite naturally influence your potential customers, and not in a good way. Vice-versa for positive ones, as kudos and other forms of online endearment, can encourage potential clients to engage with you online and give you a chance to transform them into satisfied and engaged customers.

Having negative comments online is a normal thing, as people are quick to communicate their frustration with any part of your system that may be flawed in any way. It is very important to respond to these comments, as this will offer more insight to the issue for other people looking at the same conversation for years to come.

While my main service right now is writing articles, preferably ones tackling evergreen problems for a specific target audience, in the future, I can clearly see myself helping companies manage their online reputation and help them improve their online marketing strategy, especially correlating to organic leads.

You can borrow my mind for a free e-mail consultancy using the form below. Leave your name,  e-mail and your message detailing your challenge or goal and I will do my best to provide you with beneficial input.

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