The Website

It all started on the first of December 2016. The new year approached, and the spirit for change was in the air. I wanted to create a website that was planned out, but instead I took a leap of faith. By investing some of the money that I’ve generated over the past few months, I was the new owner of a shared hosting plan and a domain. Since it was a leap of faith, the domain name has my name on it. I believe this is a name that will be useful for me, as long as I still live.

This website is my home-base. My digital AirBnB, my own little UpWork, and Medium. My little world. Welcome to the place that connects to all aspects of my digital life. This website is the place where I share my content, which I make sure is of high-quality and offers value to you, the reader. This site is also a representation of my interest in working with other people to create amazing content. Beyond all of this, it is an experiment that allows me to learn more about website development and content marketing. The real reason I started this website is to understand these technologies and improve myself.

The Content

Here you can find information about creative work, content marketing, entrepreneurship, technology and personal development. I invest a lot of time and effort into discovering your true needs as an audience. This process of discovery is meant to be obvious across all pieces of content on this website. What I like to call feedback-first approach allows me to directly communicate with business owners, content marketers, publishers, editors. Through this communication, I can discover the exact needs and challenges that these people encounter on a daily basis. This discovery is critical to me because it means that I can focus my attention on topics and subjects that will lead towards greater understanding and resolution of specific challenges.

The Person

My name is Zoran Spirkovski. I recognize myself as a content creator. Through wordplay, I strive to create engaging content for websites and social media for myself and my clients.

Born in Skopje, Macedonia in the year 1993, as a son of a self-starting tech entrepreneur and a kindergarten teacher. As a brother to an ambitious and determined sister, with a remarkable ability to organize her life.

I love meaningful conversations that lead to self-discovery.

By surrounding myself with enthusiastic people that want to take full responsibility for their lives, I am often left inspired by their actions and words. Consistently I invest time to improve my skills, implement changes to my life and contemplate my destiny. I believe that we are all entirely responsible for our lives and this belief makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I am brave enough to take on the world, but also sad because most people are numbed out and afraid to pursue their dreams.

As a way to ease my sadness, I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to “jump start” other human beings and direct them towards discovering their true needs and desires.


During my childhood, I was an adventurous boy, and I used my imagination to the maximum. Chased down monsters hiding behind the school with my friends, cleared fields of “sentient” stinging nettle and other fun stuff.

Most of all, I spent my days playing video games. This is an activity that I still enjoy and partake in, although it is not a major preoccupation nowadays. Video games are the reason because of which I know English today. Yes, English is not my native language, but it might as well be.

During high school, I was a rebel! I can’t remember how many times I’ve stood up and fought against the authority (the teachers) at both the awe and disgust of my fellow students. Disobedience wasn’t something that people did in my culture.

As I grew up, I found myself lost in this world. Not really knowing what I want to do with my life. So instead of enrolling into college immediately after high school I skipped a year. Spent it on self-discovery. Best year of my life. Now I understand that this is a normal thing that everybody experiences. The culture that I grew up in wasn’t very open-minded, but fortunately, things have somewhat changed since then.

The same year I claimed a scholarship for “Business Academy Smilevski” in Skopje, where I recently graduated as an Operations Manager. It has been a great experience, which offered me the opportunity to meet amazing people and develop professional skills. I am grateful for all the lessons and experiences that I’ve had over the course of my Bachelor studies.

I’ve lived in the United States for five months as a part of a Student Work and Travel Program, with the majority of my time spent working in Chicago. I’ve also spent a whole summer living in Malta, where I partied and enjoyed life.

During my enrollment in this academy, I also started my freelance business for written content. Most of my initial projects required me to create content for students in universities across the city. As time passed, I recognized the need to expand my operations and the opportunity to offer services all around the globe. The first thing I did was create a profile on the popular freelance marketplace UpWork. While this has been a successful venture for many, I simply couldn’t break through.

Through a fortunate turn in interests, by investing my time learning about Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies I discovered BitcoinTalk.

BitcoinTalk.org is the most active forum where people discuss, but most importantly exchange Bitcoin for services or goods. After spending some time in an effort understand the needs of forum members, and the ways that I can provide value to these people, I created a post where I offered my content creation services. Surprisingly, a few hours later I had my first requests for articles.

Surprisingly, a few hours later I had my first requests for articles. I was ecstatic!

Since then I’m still collaborating with the same people for long-term engagement and you can find some of their testimonials on the Services page.